SIX NIGHTS ΟΝ ΤΗΕ ACROPOLIS: 978-1-932455-17-5


One man. Two women. A group of free-thinking friends. Sex. Poetry. Mysticism. At once a tragic love story and a tale of artistic maturation. A saga of sexual adventure played out in the Greek landscape: the Acropolis, illuminated by the full moon and the blazing midday sun; the streets, coffee houses and tavernas of Athens; a marble quarry quaking in the summer heat; islands with deserted caves and rocky seashores. A portrait of Athens, a chaotic modern metropolis seething with refugees after the Asia Minor Catastrophe of 1922, populated by a host of minor characters adding a tragic dimension, comic relief, and a hauntingly real sense of time and place.

A bold andsometimes shocking work of fiction by Nobel Laureate George Seferis, Six Nights on the Acropolis provides unique insights into Seferis's artistic apprenticeship, personal experiences, and emotional growth. Writing in the guise of his novel's protagonist, Seferis permits himself levels of honesty and intimacy about love, sex, and art not possible in his poetry, essays, letters or journals.

Translated by: Susan Matthias winner of the 2006 Elizabeth Constantinides Memorial Translation Prize from the Modern Greek Studies Association.

"An experimental novel that daringly combines elements of the Romantic European tradition of the Bildungsroman with the Anglo-American Modernism that Seferis was among the first and most influential to introduce into Greece.... Susan Matthias has done readers a great service by her spare, elegant, faithful and always readable translation of this most unexpected of twentieth-century literary novels."– From the Foreword by Roderick Beaton, King's College London

"In Susan Matthias's clear-eyed version of this novel of early youth, we discover a Seferis who introduces us into privacies as unsettling – and as arousing – as anything in Gide or Proust."– Richard Sieburth, New York University

"George Seferis's monumental status in twentieth-century Greek culture has had the unwanted effect of rendering him too much of a finished product. Susan Matthias's elegant translation of his one novel reminds us of the pains of becoming: the formal vicissitudes of sexuality and textuality and the contradictions lingering behind so influential a personal, cultural, and political poetics."– Vangelis Calotychos, Columbia University



Αποστολή σε 2-4 εργάσιμες ημέρες.
Κωδικός: F-1023
ISBN: 978-1-932455-17-5
Βιβλιοδεσία: Τετραδίου
Σελίδες: 211
Διαστάσεις: 14 X 21 εκ.
Κατηγορία: Ξενόγλωσσα